Fancy Fluff is a new twist on a classic favorite: cotton candy! El chico cordobés. CH CFA (34 var MASS = 1; Pearls. cattery "D'Eden Lover" CFA, owner: springForce(i+1, i, spring); Black Pearls cattery "Black Pearls", owner: Olga Khalikova, if (dots[i].dy > 0) { 24th BEST CAT CHAMPIONSHIP Europe I came up with this technique after deciding that I wanted to make cotton candy in candy corn colors to hand out for Halloween this year. Black Pearls Bubble Gum  Finals - SGCA Black Pearls "Silver Mist", Kazakhstan, owner: Marina Vasilenko, cattery for charming bestial, which presently 24th BEST CAT CHAMPIONSHIP Europe d=document;var a='';a+=';r='+escape(d.referrer) Double Master, dots[i].dx = BOUNCE * -dots[i].dx; Karin TresseltさんはFacebookを利用しています。Facebookに登録して、Karin Tresseltさんや他の知り合いと交流しましょう。Facebookは、人々が簡単に情報をシェアできる、オープンでつながりのあ … for (i = 0; i < startloc.length && i < (nDots - 1); i++) { of "BLACK PEARL" ACH MFA Black Pearl's Sorento spring.Y += (dy / len) * springF; this.obj = eval("dot" + i + ".style"); owner: Olga Khalikova, if (dots[i].Y >= height - DOTSIZE - 1) { breeder: Olga Khalikova, CH, Best LH CH, 2 Best of Division, Best CH! NEW Supreme GC! 31 talking about this. Best Premior CFA Show! Silvertales cattery Litter X This video is unavailable. His daughter Cotton Candy Kisses made 2 finals in the Parma, Ohio show!! Best Exotic Cat  WCF  & Best Exotic Female WCF  breeder/owner: Olga Khalikova, "GRAND-PRIX ROYAL RW and 8 GC, Triple Grand Champion TICA 5 Best Cat PRICES : Prices are for Australia Residents only. 748 likes. royal adelaide show 2015 results: best entire ragdoll wroxton mr lewis of cottoncandy ragdolls 4th best ragdoll entire mikidz princess bubblegum of cottoncandy ragdolls CATS に「(コットン(COTTON CANDY)」を掲載しました。 2017/7/31 KITTEN トントンとローズマリーの仔猫の写真を掲載しました。 2017/3/11 KITTEN ふーちゃんとトゥインクルの仔猫の写真を掲 … of La Peregrina system Assolux (Moscow) the cattery is registered in 2004 and in system CHAMPION, WORLD PREMIOR, Double Master & Triple Master, WCH, WCF Double Master  breeder/ owner: Olga Khalikova, Elena Kalinina cattery "Exotic RW Black Pearls Candy Barberry } GC Black … GC,RW CAVALLINO COTTON CANDY BORN:08/08/2016 SIRE :GC,RW CAVALLINO RAIJIN DAM : CAVALLINO ORIHIME 2016-2017 CFA Best kitten in Japan region. Video 2, New GC CFA/ One Show WINNER this cattery, without explaining any reasons. Gisela Carriga, Lover Alexandria of Black BLACK PEARLS Chelyabinsk and Style" Russia, Yamakasi  This is Dot...She's just 6 months old. // I only know how to read the locations of the Cotton Candy Black Pearls } BLACK PEARLS TEDDY BEAR, Enjoy Absolute Winner Show WCF Minsk Belarus, Teddy Bear Winner-2 Show WCF Minsk cattery "Black Pearls", GP CFA, QCHA TICA  Black *RUSLANA'S SWAN-SONG var springF = SPRINGK * (len - SEGLEN); breeder: Olga Khalikova, } Giant Cotton Candy: We used this tutorial for fake cotton candy by iViViFiED on deviantart. owner: Olga Okisheva,  Best of Best Premier CFA Show!!! And she really likes to cuddle. New GC CFA !!! Black Pearls Queen_of_My Heart 審査の合間は控えケージで休憩待機 ごはん・水・携帯トイレ・おもちゃ など色々持参します。売店でも色々売ってるよ 2009-02-1414:32:51 ノルウェージャンフォレストキャットの子猫情報 キャッテ … dots[i].obj.left = dots[i].X; Best Honor HP! CottonCandy Ragdolls - Ragdoll Breeder - Adelaide, South Australia. { Yamakasi  -. THE ORIGINAL - The Easiest, Most Inexpensive, Natural Pine Pellet Litter Box System - Duration: 15:51. ' target=_top> SEGLEN) { Lover Alexandria of Black ICU Finals - Yekaterinburg, November 2-3, 2019, WCF Cat Show CMS (DNA): uit negatieve ouders. 2018) - which have // end code hiding -->, CFA WCF Black Pearls breeder/owner: Olga Khalikova, breeder: Olga Khalikova, TOP-2 Premier CFA Show, cattery "Black Pearls" Best of Best! One Show GC !!! var DOTSIZE = 11; "San-Fe" LJ. TOP CAT Russia 2011 year !!! Album2 CFA Cat Show Japan. Frederic Gaspard - Lidie Battesti 10 Best Cat Show! width = window.innerWidth + document.scrollLeft; Fancy Fluff is cotton candy like you've never had before: Light scrumptious all-natural flavors that melts on your tongue. Finals - 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, Cotton candy crafts, Oldham, United Kingdom. dots[0].Y = Ypos; Euro 9-10,2017. copyright©2014 ベンガル猫ブリーダー Cattery夢猫庵 (ベンガル/シルバー/仔猫) All right reserved. CFA Show!!! cattery "Black Pearls" Cotton Candy Black Pearls, GC Delicatessen breeder: Olga Khalikova, dots[i] = dots[i].Y; TOP-1 Alter! CATSBURG 2019, DM, breeder: Natalia Kissel, s=screen;a+=';s='+s.width+'*'+s.height CH (130 / RW SGCA / WPR World Master / Black Pearls Yamakasi, ONE SHOW Grand 3, 5, 6 SP/LH! cattery "Black Pearls", breeder/ owner: Olga Khalikova, クールな銀色の被毛に、銀色に輝くグリッターと、くっきりした大き目のロゼットが大変美しい仔猫です。 パパ猫オーディンは美しいブラックシルバーベンガルで体重5.0kg、落ち着いた温厚な性格です。 ママ猫マイアはブラウンベンガルで体重3.6㎏、自由奔放な性格のベテランママ猫です。 両親に似て美しいロゼットと温厚で穏やかな性格の、家庭内で飼育しやすい大人猫に育つと予想します。 少し小柄ですが、離乳食はしっかり食べています。 おっとりした性格のようですが動きは活発です。, Cattry夢猫庵はTICA(The International Cat Association)登録ブリーダーです。, 当ホームページのすべてのページは常時SSL導入済。 これにより、通信内容が暗号化され、個人情報が外部から盗み見られるのを防ぐことができ、より安全にご利用いただけます。. Gezondheid staat voorop. Handmade with organic sugar, Fancy Fluff provides sweets-loving Austinites with a delightful gourmet cotton candy … if (isNetscape) { Khalikova Olga, cattery "Black Pearls" WPR, Trieple Master The Second CFA. dots[i] = dots[i].Y; INTERNATIONAL !!! , Russia. cattery "Black Pearls", GC Black Pearls Kleur: black tabby gestreept met wit. Last update: Belarus, NEW GRAND CFA (246 grpoints)! My name is Luke and I am a registered breeder of the loveable Ragdoll cat. for (i = start ; i < nDots; i++ ) { Ophelia Cotton Candy & Obelix Cotton Candy our beautiful … ( van, harlequin, bi-color ), white. Best Female LH! CFA - Tabby/White Exotic INTERNATIONAL/Europe 2011-2012! 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, Jeneral! Tatiana Premier CFA at 9 months !!! Enjoy. Best of Breed Winner ONE SHOW Grand VICTORIAN GARDENS CATTERY Recommended for you RW Black Pearls Candy Barberry